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Energy Efficiency Services

Central Valley Raters provides reliable and affordable energy efficiency services for HVAC contractors, general contractors, homeowners, and commercial building owners. Our field technicians are fully trained and certified to meet all your energy efficiency needs. Serving Bakersfield, Kern County, and California's Central Valley since 2010 with Home Energy Rating Systems (HERS) Testing and Rating, Air Balancing, CAZ Testing, and Energy Audits and Recommendations.

HERS Testing & Rating Bakersfield, CA

Certifications, Certificates, and Inspections

CalCerts Certified | BPI Certified | GreenPoint Certified |  NCI Certified | NBC Certificates | Title 24 Inspections & Reports

HERS Rater Service Bakersfield

HERS Testing & Rating

Our team of HERS Raters performs Title 24 Inspections throughout the state of California. We are experts in HERS Testing and Rating, we will ensure your HVAC system is efficient and up to California Energy standards.

There are three of the most common tests you’ll have performed during a HERS testing:

  • Duct leakage testing - Measures the amount of air leaks.
  • Refrigerant charge verification — Verifies that refrigerant levels meet manufacturer specifications.
  • Airflow verification — Measures the velocity of air flowing through your duct system.
Air Balancing Bakersfield

Air Balancing

Offering complete system analysis, improved performance and control system verifications.

On new systems we work with the installing contractor to make sure the system is performing up to the engineer's design. We currently hold a license with NCI and offer NBC Certifications as well.

Our extensive field experience with the ability to identify areas for improved performance are reasons why building owners, construction managers and consulting engineers prefer CVR.

Energy Audit Bakersfield

Energy Audits

Energy Upgrade California will give you rebates for improving the energy efficiency for the whole home. We will perform a test in and a test out to make sure that the improvements made to the home don't cause an harmful atmosphere for the people living in the home.

  • Improve your home’s safety, health, value, and indoor air quality
  • Fix hot or cold spots in the home and maintain balanced temperatures all year long
  • Increase your energy-efficiency to reduce environmental impact as well as utility bills
CAZ Testing Bakersfield

CAZ Testing

If your home contains a furnace, or water heater located within the living space of your home, then combustion safety testing must be conducted to ensure safety and indoor air quality. CVR BPI certified technicians are trained to properly conduct advanced CAZ testing. We not only provide you witth the results of your CAZ, but actionable options for how to correct any problems.