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HERS Rater / Rating for Energy Efficiency in Atascadero, California

Energy Efficiency Services in Atascadero, California

We serve HVAC contractors, general contractors, homeowners, and commercial building owners in Atascadero, CA. Central Valley Raters is ready to help you meet your energy efficiency goals. Every technician we deploy is fully certified and undergoes extensive energy efficiency field testing.

We’ve served Atascadero since 2010 with home energy rating systems (HERS) Testing and Rating, Air Balancing, CAZ Testing, and Energy Audits and recommendations.

HERS Rater / Rating

HERS Rater / Rating in Atascadero, California

We provide Title 24 inspections in Atascadero. CVR’s team of HERS Raters are experts in transforming inefficient HVAC systems into systems that operate with maximum efficiency and meet California Energy standards.

HERS testing consists of the following three tests:

  • Duct Leak Test - Measures the amount of air leakage from a duct system.
  • Refrigerant Charge Verification - Verifies an HVAC system’s refrigerant levels to check if they meet the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Airflow Verification - Measures the air velocity of air moving through your HVAC system.
Air Balancing

Air Balancing in Atascadero, California

After years of consistent results, CVR has become the top choice for air balancing in Atascadero. We work with building owners, construction managers, and consulting engineers. Our air balancing technicians deliver a complete system analysis, improve overall performance, and conduct control system verifications.

CVR is licensed with NCI and offers NBC Certifications.

CAZ Testing

CAZ Testing in Atascadero, California

We provide CAZ testing services in Atascadero, CA. Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) testing is mandatory if your home has a furnace, water heater, or any other combustible appliance within the living space of your home. A CAZ test will determine if your combustion appliances will vent properly under negative house conditions.

CVR’s BPI-certified technicians are extensively trained, and bring years of experience to every CAZ testing we conduct. Upon completion of your CAZ test, CVR provides you with the results and a list of different options you can take for correcting any problems discovered during testing.

Energy Audits

Energy Audits in Atascadero, California

Energy Upgrade California provides a number of rebates for Atascadero homeowners that choose to upgrade their home’s energy efficiency. Along with significant cost savings, you get a home that’s safer and packed with other benefits.

  • Reduced utility bills
  • Comfortable indoor temperatures year-round
  • Healthy indoor air quality
  • Home value increase